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Oduman Hookah is a brand that originated in Turkey, a country of reference in the world of hookah and traditional hookahs. Despite this, Oduman is a manufacturer of modern hookahs that revolutionize the market with their exclusive glass shishas, ​​references all over the world.

This Turkish hookah brand has innovative and avant-garde designs due to the high quality of its materials, both glass and stainless steel. You will be able to find small hookahs, even mini size like their Oduman Micro shisha model, or larger and very elegant hookahs like their N2, N5 or N9 models.

Along with its manufacturing materials, we find the great benefits that Oduman shishas offer us; removable diffuser, hose spring, smooth thread system and an incredible purge that completely releases the smoke base.

Oduman models are characterized by being cheap and high quality hookahs, such as the Oduman N7 Tank, N8 Voyage, N2 Travel, Micro or Monster shisha models. In addition, its perfect transport cases for hookahs stand out, which includes the brand in all its models of small hookahs.

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