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The Best UK Shisha Shop to buy Space Smoke Shisha Paste (Tobacco-Free) Flavours Online

Legendary flavours in an innovative form! Space Smoke is the #1 Shisha paste alternative in Russia is here to stay made with 100% natural minerals, using purified glycerol (99%) to produce a long lasting flavour that’s sure to surprise any traditional Shisha smoker.

They are calling themselves the Tesla of the Shisha industry simply because they’ve completely changed the way we smoke regular Hookah Tobacco, and we agree!

Available in many exciting flavours such as Lychee King, Mango Rich (Ripe Green Mango), Le Lime (Lemon Lime Mix), Watermelon Alien, Berry Slurm (Raspberries & Strawberries with Buttercream), Secret Star, Black Hole (Ice Mint), Marme Cola (Cola Gummy Bear) + Many More available in 30g and 125g sizes.

This premium collection of tobacco-free Shisha flavours by Space Smoke are now available at Shisha Goods with Free UK DPD Delivery*