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As the first steam stones product on the market, Shiazo is redefining hookah since 2010. Shiazo is heated just like tobacco in the head of the hookah, but releases a pleasant flavored vapor instead of smoke. The result: full taste and thick clouds without nicotine, tobacco contaminants and bad conscience. In addition, the usage and dosage is much more comfortable compared to conventional hookah tobacco. Shiazo is available in more than 40 flavours. Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are available in a wide range of delicious flavours to choose from that do not contain any tobacco, nicotine, sugars, molasses, or artificial dyes. Each 100g tin will produce 3-5 hookah sessions available in Lemon, Mint, Energy, Two Apple, Caipirinha + More with Free UK DPD Delivery*

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