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The EPOX 580 is an extraordinary hookah that brings more than you can imagine. With 5 different precision stainless steel rings, 2 elegant stainless steel plates and a beautiful epoxy resin sleeve, over 15 different blow-offs are possible. The blow-off can be changed by simply swapping the rings. The shape of the plug-in bowl ensures optimal draft and easy cleaning – perfect conditions for unforgettable smoking experiences.

Due to the extra built-in stainless steel cut in the base, the hose can be plugged in and unplugged or changed at any time. A closed chamber system is hidden in the base, which allows you to easily blow stale smoke out of the bowl. The diffuser on the immersion tube can be adjusted and removed, which allows you to influence the noise level

In addition to the hookah itself, you have a silicone hose set and a chimney set directly in the package. The hose set consists of an antistatic silicone hose with an aluminum mouthpiece and anti-kink protection. The chimney set consists of the Aladin Optimus Eco and a Mockingbird attachment.

Functions and special features:
• Over 15 blow offs
• Closed Chamber System
• Polished stainless steel
• Adjustable diffuser
• Chimney set
• Hose set
• Many customization options
• Very handy and stable hookah

What is included in price?

  • Aladin Epox 580
  • Black silicone hose with aladin aluminium handle
  • Clay bowl with chimney set
  • Aladin tongs
  • Adjustable diffuser
  • It is around 56.5cm in height without the head/pot.

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