Aladin MVP 670 Flower Shisha


The 670 is a multi-port Shisha which can be used with multiple hoses if you wish (ball bearings would need to be removed) or can be used as you typically would use with single hose and enjoy the looks of it. It is also one of the tallest at heaviest pipes due to its v2a high quality stainless used all throughout.

Everything bar the glass base is made from high quality stainless steel which gives it durability and it has some good weight to it and it has top features like a fully adjustable diffuser so you can change the draw to your liking.

What is included in price?

  • Aladin MVP 670 with all ports
  • Flower glass base (as seen) which is twist lock so no need for grommets
  • Black silicone hose with Aladin aluminium handle
  • Clay bowl with chimney set
  • Aladin tongs
  • Adjustable diffuser

It is around 67cm in height

In stock

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