Ice Pipe Purple


Ice pipe for a cooler smoke, available in 4 colours.

  • An excellent upgrade to any hookah. The Ice Tip give an amazing cooling sensation to shisha smoke.
  • To use simply freeze the inserts supplied and put them into the capsule provided.
  • The capsule is compatible with most hoses which have a removable tip such as Khalil Mamoon hoses as well as Silicone hoses.
  • Brand new mystique Ice Tips available in a variety of colours. Ice packs give an amazing, cooled smoke sensation to your hookah. Especially ideal in the summer when the air is hot. This device has proven to be far more effective at cooling than other methods (such as ice holder hookahs or even ice in the base) as it cools the smoke at very end point just before it enters the mouth.
  • Size: Approximately 30cm.

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