Khalil Mamoon Black Apple Vase


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Khalil Mamoon Apple Vase Black
This item: Khalil Mamoon Black Apple Vase

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rubber grommet head
1 × Rubber Grommet For Head

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rubber grommet hose
1 × Rubber Grommet For Hose

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rubber grommet vase
1 × Rubber Grommet For Vase

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This replacement base is made with high quality and durable glass for long use. A clean design for a clean smoking experience. Fits almost any Shisha in market.


  • New Khalil Mamoon Vase
  • 12″ Large
  • Egyptian Design
  • Durable glass For long Lasting
  • Clean and Fresh smoking experience
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Easy to Fit
  • Fits almost any Shisha

In stock

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