MG Hookah Zelus 1.0 Heat Management System


The first quad coal HMD.

Designed in United Kingdom, the patented technology combines the Quad coal system in a unique design to enhance your smoking experience.

Safety and Maintenance
1) Do not touch metal parts without protection.
2) Always control the metal parts with the handles.
3) Do not let charcoal touch silicone bowl.
4) Place metal parts on heat-resistant surfaces only.
5) Do not wash with a dishwasher
6) Once cooled, wash and brush each part with clean water


1. Fill the Silicone bowl with your flavor below the tobacco line.

2. Place the charcoal plate on the silicone bowl to rest on the intended section.

3. Place the hot charcoals on the MG logo. 3 Charcoal for lighter smoke 4 Charcoal for intense smoke.

4. Place the lid on top.

5. Wait 3 minutes and Enjoy.

6. After 5 minutes remove lid to maintain the heat.

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