Moze Breeze Two Shisha Pipe Wavy Black


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moze breeze two shisha pipe wavy black
This item: Moze Breeze Two Shisha Pipe Wavy Black

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Aluminium Tray
1 × Aluminium Tray

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Clouds 1500w Charcoal Burner
clouds large mouth tip bag
Khalil Mamoon Phunnel Head
mg hookah charcoal

This shisha pipe is also customisable since you can remove or change the inserts whenever you want.

The MOZE BREEZE TWO shisha pipe has a plunger with a removable and reversible diffuser! This last feature means you leave the diffuser open for a light draw or shut for a more intense draw. 

One of the MOZE BREEZE TWO’s best new features is the concealed and modular purge system. You can position it at the base or under the stainless steel tray or even on top, which makes the purge look different every time. It comes with a double tray for an even more magical effect; when you place the system on top of the first tray you get a smoke effect that dissipates between the two trays and looks really impressive.

The main tray and the dip stick are engraved for a really aesthetic look.

Last but not least, this shisha pipe is comes with a hose outlet and a hose connector.

The silicone hose is not included, nor is the heater, which must be purchased separately.

Sorry, no product available for now

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