Oduman Smoke Drift Hookah Chrome


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This item: Oduman Smoke Drift Hookah Chrome

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1 × MG Hookah Foil

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Now, it’s drift time! Smoke Drift will make you feel like you are in a race while smoking a hookah.

First class quality, glassware glass (soda glass), handmade glass

All the parts of hookah are made of aluminium. (Parts working in water are stainless steel.)

All aluminium parts are with anodizing coating to prevent oxidization covered. It has a diffuser.

Hoses are made of safe food-grade silicone easy to clean. It has a valve so you can take out the smoke easily.

Mouthpiece length is 25 cm.

It has 5 different colour choice. (Black, blue, gold, red, chrome) which we all stock.

There are visual pattern prints on the hookah that are resistant to burning and peeling.

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