Oduman Hybrid Clear Glass Shisha


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This Oduman Hybrid Shisha pipe includes:

  • Our product, designed and produced by us, is completely stainless steel. The height of the product is 62cm
  • Hoses are made of safe food-grade silicone easy to clean. The length of the hose is 1,5 m. The length of the stainless steel lance is 30 cm.
  • It has closed chamber system so smoke evacuation can be done easily. The evacuated smoke is evacuated upwards from the body towards the tray.
  • There are 6 smoke evacuation points.
  • Thanks to its comfortable smoking, it offers a pleasant hookah experience without difficulty.
  • The middle body pipe has 2 parts. One of them is removed from the middle body pipe and it can be usedin short length.
  • The middle of the body which is gold and patterned is titanium plated and it is compatible with health and long life.

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