Oduman Ignis Venus Heat Management System


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Oduman Ignish Venus Heat Management System
This item: Oduman Ignis Venus Heat Management System

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Clouds 1500w Charcoal Burner
clouds large mouth tip bag
Charcoal Buckets Shisha Accessories
large tongs
1 × Large Tongs

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mg hookah charcoal

How to make a good Hookah with the Oduman Ignis Venus?

  1. Prepare your Bowl with your tobacco. Be careful not to overfill your Bowl, the tobacco should not touch the bottom of your Heat Management Device Ignis.
  2. Light your natural coal cubes
  3. Place your charcoal cubes inside the Heat Management Device ODUMAN and close with the lid.
  4. Turn the handle to open the air intakes.
  5. If the tobacco gets too hot, turn the handle again to close the vents or remove a coal cube.
  6. After use, allow to cool and then clean with a slightly damp sponge and dry immediately to avoid oxidation.

In stock

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