Oduman N10 Smoke X Hookah


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Oduman N10 Smoke X Clear Glass
This item: Oduman N10 Smoke X Hookah

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mg hookah charcoal
1 × MG Hookah Foil

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Oduman Ceramic Bowl Black - Shisha Shop UK
1 × Oduman Ceramic Funnel Bowl Black

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Oduman Ignish Venus Heat Management System
small tongs
1 × Small Tongs

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You can’t miss the new ultra light Oduman N10. This Hookah has been designed to smoke anywhere without the risk of your Hookah tipping over because it is fitted with a metal stabiliser. This pack includes the Hookah with a diver with diffuser, a complete silicone hose and an LED.


  • Oduman brand
  • Glass vase
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Metal stand
  • Plunger with diffuser
  • Hose complete silicone

In stock

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