Oduman RS 19 Six Pack


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Oduman RS Six Pack
This item: Oduman RS 19 Six Pack

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mg hookah charcoal
1 × MG Hookah Charcoal Box 1kg 25mm Cubes

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1 × MG Hookah Foil

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Oduman Ceramic Bowl Black - Shisha Shop UK
Oduman Ignish Venus Heat Management System
small tongs
1 × Small Tongs

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The Hookah Oduman RS-19 Six Pack comes with a 1.5m long silicone Hose and a Mouthpiece Oduman round tip. As with all Oduman hookahs, there is no Bowl or Heat Management Device included with the Hookah.

Features :

  • Height: approx. 44 cm
  • Hookah in stainless steel and glass
  • Made in Turkey
  • 1 exit Hose
  • Purging out at the plate
  • Plunger with adjustable diffuser
  • A silicone hose
  • A Mouthpiece with a round tip
  • Bowl and Heat Management Device not included

In stock

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